JariI’m Jari and I’m from Finland. That’s why my agency is called Suomi House JARI. ‘Suomi’ is the Finnish name for Finland.  I was born in Oitti, north of Helsinki, and finished a tourism education in Porvoo. I have been active in the travel industry for almost 25 years, working for large companies. When I discovered that there was an increasing need for a personal approach in organizing trips and events I have chosen to develop own activities. In my products the wishes of the customers are the focus of attention. I am supported by the worldwide network of companies and individuals that I have accumulated over the years.

JariI have always been most active in offering and performing services for the travel industry. Because I can make people enthusiastic, I now focus also on individuals and small groups who want to experience a special trip or a non-ordinary event. I have extensive experience in guiding tours and travel in Northwest Europe and East Asia.

JariIt will be no surprise that I specialize in products for Finnish tourists visiting the Netherlands and for Dutch customers who want to find their way in Finland. I would also like to contribute to the promotion of Finland in general and to the cultural exchange between Finland and the Netherlands in particular. Nevertheless I’m always open to new ideas and experiences. It is possible that this leads to new products for Suomi House JARI.

Who is Jari